Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thirty. First.

The 31st of March marks Babyboy's 3rd Birthday. I am gearing myself up for this out-of-toddler-years promotion.

Babyboy is my baby. He will always be my Babyboy. I just don't like all these LASTS. By next year at this time I probably won't need to carry him through the parking lot. His stroller might have strolled its last stroll. All traces of pull-ups and sippy-cups will be extinct.

A radio podcast speaker that I heard recently said that he would pay $10,000 to go back and tuck his kids, now young adults, into bed one more time. Last weekend, when Babyboy was calling from his bed for the 4th or 5th time, Daddy said, "I'm saving myself $10,000." and headed upstairs. I didn't quite get it. "Remember, the $10,000? I want to tuck him in while I still can." Good point Daddio.

Instead of getting annoyed with my almost-three Babyboy, I am trying to cherish all that he brings. Tantrums when it is time to come inside. Spills when he wants to do things by himself. Occassional potty-accidents. Questions. Too many outfit changes every day. Yet,he is such a joy! An early-bird. An animal-cracker-muncher like his mommy. A Toby-Mac rap fan due to Oldest and Middleson. A smart little whip. A lover of the outdoors. A Matchbox zoomer. A Psalm 23 memorizer. Mommy's little helper. Daddy's biggest fan.

The 31st is fast approaching. I'm stalling like I have every mid-March since he was born. Today I'm savoring it all. I mowed the grass and he watched me from the window. I motioned for him to join me with his lawnmower and his smile was one of a winner of a million dollars. He followed me around the grass like a baby duckling.

Babyboy, in less than a week, you will be a grown-up three year old. Three year olds can do so many things! Today you are still my toddler-two-year-old and I plan to baby you as much as possible. I love you!