Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Friday, June 17, 2011

Better than before

So far, we have had a really great Summer with a great balance of fun, play, and a little bit of keepin'-the-cobwebs-out school work.

Today the big boys were finishing up their first week at VBS. Babyboy and I ran some errands (the difference between errands with 1 child and 3 is amazing) and came home. I set the time for 60 minutes and attempted to race the clock and check off some lingering to-dos. I was completely oblivious to Babyboy as he played happily on the floor. Well, he was playing and writing. Writing with a pen. Writing on a chair. Writing on a white chair. Writing on a sacred, hand-me-down vintage white heirloom chair. And, it is not my chair from my side of the family. It is my husband's chair. Oooooops. BIG OOOOPS!

I kicked into high gear googling, "how to remove ink from white upholstered chair". I wanted to dial 911 or at least let google know this was an emergency and I needed to borrow some extra high speed 4G. Time was ticking and I had to pick up the big boys! Can you feel the panic in my writing?

I had zero rubbing alcohol on hand, but I did have Sea Breeze. Sure enough the first ingredient was alcohol. Like a teenager with acne, I overloaded cotton balls with Sea Breeze and went to work. Sigh of relief. It. Was. Coming. Out. Thank. You. Lord. (Serious prayer of thanks I assure you.)

Since the chair has been in our possession it always had a dingy spot. Since the Sea Breeze was working so well on the ink, I expanded its territory and went for the dark spot. Whoooo Hooooo. The chair looks better than before! If only I had known, I would have applied Sea Breeze much before now. Babyboy's adventure served a great purpose in cleaning the chair.

How many tragedies/problems/trials have I found myself in, flailing to get out and pleading with God to remove from my life. Then, as time goes by I can see that I came out of the trial better than before. The sorrow was a gift. The pain was not wasted. It had a purpose.

This is a song I have been listening to that enables me to define "blessing" a little bit different. Listen to Laura Story's song titled, Blessings.

Hubby will be glad to know that the writing on his white-upholstered chair is gone. So is the dingy spot. It looks better than before.

Friday, June 10, 2011


With anticipation, I checked on my little garden today. I was hoping for some marked changes -- bigger leaves, longer stems, or new sprouts peeking through the soil. Nothing. My pepper plants look exactly the same as they did yesterday and the day before. In fact, I don't know if they have progressed since I transitioned them outdoors. Will they really really bring forth something edible in the next few months?

Growth is rarely instant, fast, or even measurable. It takes place over time until one day you look back and can finally track measurable progress.

growth (grōt̸h)


the process of growing or developing; specif.,
gradual development toward maturity
formation and development
degree of increase in size, weight, power, etc.
the full extent of such increase
something that grows or has grown: a thick growth of grass
an outgrowth or offshoot

As I pondered my disappointment over my seedlings and my desire to fast-forward or microwave them to maturity, I was reminded of my own children. As the mommy of Oldest, Middleson, and Babyboy my job is to train them and enable them to grow. Training isn't a one time event, it is a process. I need to be patient as they grow and mature even when I don't see marked progress or change or improvement.

Oldest was not even two when Middleson joined our family. But, he suddenly went from our one and only baby to our Oldest and a big brother. I instantly saw him in a different light and expected so much from him! "Grow up and act like a one year old!" MY plan was to have him potty trained and dressing himself by the time Middleson arrived....of course those attempts failed. Five years later, Babyboy arrives and I feel like he gets a mom who has grown and matured. By baby number three, instead of pushing the "hurry up" button, I am pushing the "pause" button wishing I could "rewind" a few years.

Even as an adult, I have not arrived. I have a lot of growing to do! Gratitude overwhelmed me when I thought about God's patience in the midst of seasons in my own life when my growth seemed stunted. Yet, when I look through my journals from a decade ago, I taste the victory!

I have grown. I have matured in Christ. Oldest, Middleson, and Babyboy will too. And so will those little seedlings in my garden.