Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Sunday, October 10, 2010

i don't text

I may be the last person on planet earth that does not text. Okay, that is most certainly an exageration. I FEEL like I am the ONLY person that does not text. Wrong again. My hubby and I are the only people I know that do not text. Our cell phone is just that -- a phone for talking.

I just upgraded my phone. All I wanted was the sturdiest phone I could find with no bells or whistles. I ended up with a military issued phone that can withstand falls and moisture. Perfect! A 3 pound flip phone!!

Technology is not a sore spot for me. I like technology. I love the internet and the instant knowledge I have right at my fingertips. E-mail makes me smile as does facebook.

The good thing is I can set boundaries for myself with my computer. Computer On. Computer Off. I seem to have the need to instantly respond to anything in my inbox. I will not put it off until tomorrow I promise. I inherited a great appreciation for detail and explanations too. Thanks Mom. I have already passed this great trait on to at least one son. "How was your breakfast?" I asked ONE of un-named son's. "Well, I got up this morning a little earlier than usual. I was very hungry. I thought I would have oatmeal, but you were not up yet. I decided to have Chex. You know the ones made of corn and rice? I had the corn ones. I didn't have milk. I used a green bowl. There are 3.5 left." You get the drift.

Now, imagine me having the capability to text. I would text. Too much. Too often. An indicator telling me I had a text would be as intense as a fire alarm in a high rise. I would be driven to immediately respond with way too much detail.

How does this factor in to 30minutesontheboysturf? For me, another communication tool is another temptation of distraction. I want to be as attentive to my kids as I am to my inbox. They do not have an On and Off switch. Nor does my "mother" switch. I am mommy 24/7 and they are the treasures God has given me.

One day I am sure I will move into this century and your text to me will not be blocked! Pease don't tempt me with the latest and greatest text/media plans! I might not withstand the pressure.

For now, I am content to live in the dark ages just a little longer.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Surprise on the Boys Turf

Today, October 1, is Oldest's 8th Birthday. I could never have imagined that 8 years could fly by so quickly! I am so thankful that God chose to bless me with such a precious gift. In many ways, we are so much alike and yet, we are soooo different.

Oldest NEEDS the Birthday hoopla, the surprises, the streamers....and MORE STREAMERS. He puts on the best celebrations for any reason worth celebrating. To him EVERDAY is reason to put on a party. Just a few months ago, he threw me a surprise Retirement Party so I would never have to work again. Last weekend, after being gone a mere 55 hours, the streamers were hung for my homecoming.

When it comes to MY birthday,I prefer NO surprises and a simple intimate gathering. It probably comes down to my desire to be prepared. How can I be prepared for something I don't know about. I need a heads-up.

Middleson and Oldest have NO idea that tomorrow will be an 8th Birthday Tailgate in honor of Oldest's special birthday and an Ohio Buckeye Football Game. What a great combination! They will both be surprised tomorrow morning. All of my secrets are in place and ready to go! I can hardly wait.

Tonight Oldest has requested that we go out for dinner. He has changed his mind so many times this week that I am uncertain where we will end up. It will be fun nonetheless.

Happy Birthday to my firstborn son who is such an example to me of living life to the fullest!

Time to hang some more streamers....