Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little People

In 2007 MeeMaw presented our family with a Little People Nativity Set. A Nativity set that isn't breakable or fragile or "no touch". Each year the boys set up the nativity set and carry the figures around the house. The star on the top just happns to get pushed each night during family devotions filling the room with a tinny and a bit annoying sounding Christmas carol.

This year was Babyboy's rookie year with the nativity set. Boy did those Little People end up in strange places. He lined Mary and Joseph up in the window sill along with a few hot wheel cars. Is that sac-religious? An H2 Hummer just passed Baby Jesus on Old Creek Lane. Each night, as if on cue, he pushed the star creating a distraction to our bedtime prayer.

It just so happens that Little People were the theme for Babyboy's gifts this year. A huge parking garage set with at least 2 dozen Little People -- boys, girls, a doctor, a nurse, a policeman, a dog and even Santa and Mrs. Claus.

As soon as the gifts were opened I had a feeling the Little People Shepherds and Wiseman were going to end up driving around in the parking garage. The policeman would make his arrests in the manger. Being the organizational tyrrant that I am, I packed the Little People Nativity set and put it on the table ready to be stored for another year.

Fast forward to today. Genius Babyboy somehow knew that Little People are Little People no matter what package they come in. He gathered both sets from near and far and brought them together in unity! My heart started palpitating when I saw dozens of mixed up little people up and down and all around! Can Little People Baby Jesus hang out with Little People Santa? How will Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mrs. Claus get along? Those Little People donkies seem a bit holier than the dogs from the "regular" set.

A real life lesson from a Little People Set or two. The REAL man Jesus walked among regular people.....among little people like Zacheus....and sinners like me. He didn't separate himself from less-than's like I am prone to do. He didn't live an organized, scheduled, compartmentalized life. It was mixed up and messy, yet abundant and fulfilling!

Thankfully all the Little People in my house are in their "rightful" places. But, I hope this Little People lesson will stay with me a long time and allow me to love all the people God brings into my life, no matter the package they come in.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our House "Rules" and Nail Polish

I've read many many times, that for the most part a person cannot remember the Christmas gifts they received the year before. I believe that.

I did receive a very memorable gift last year. Oldest saved his points at Children's Church to "buy" a very spendy wall art crafty thingy for 10,000 points. Upon opening the treasure, he blurted out, "It is for our front door! It has a list of our house rules!" actually said, "Out House Rules". A tricky looking font mixed with new reading skills equaled a totally different meaning. This 3 foot wooden outhouse has the following printed on it in brown (would you expect another color for bathroom art?) lettering:

1. Be Tidy
2. Leave it the way you found it
3. Put the lid down so no critters get in
4. Leave paper for the next one

While those are great rules for an out house, I don't have one and don't think I ever will. "Wow!" was all I could say as I pictured it on my front door. How could I crush Oldest's enthusiasm and sweetness by doing anything else?

I hid it for about 10 months still in a quandry about what to do with it. Finally hubby hung it up in the boys' bathroom for me. I cringed looking at the "art". It doesn't match. It isn't my style. Jayden beamed when he saw it. I love it now -- it made our house a home. It is his style. He loves his mommy.

Here we are this year, just days from Christmas. While running a few errands we popped into Walgreens. As I was checking out, Oldest read a sign display for Revlon nail polish. "Mommy, I HAVE to get you nail polish for your stocking. Please!" The store clerk looked at me with puppy dog eyes too. "What color do you want? Oldest asked as he held up a bottle of blue and green. I told the boys to pick out whatever color they wanted me to have. Honestly I rarely wear nail polish anymore and when I do it is colors like "clear" and "barely there". Middleson had his eye on a shade called "Fire Red". Oldest and Middleson sat on the floor lining up bottles of nail polish while I proceeded to another check-out so I wouldn't see.

You may see me the week after Christmas sporting a bold set of fingernails in blue or green or fire red. I'll be wearing it proudly. I'll love it. It might not be my style. It is his style. Oldest loves his mommy.

Maybe in 15 or 20 years I will be wearing that same color at Oldest's wedding, presenting him with a beautiful wall thingy for his first home that says "Out House Rules."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Colors of Christmas

Red and Green on everything -- for they are the colors of Christmas.

Today we headed out to our annual Mops Christmas Brunch. Oldest, Middleson, and Babyboy dressed festively in red. I, on the other hand, went for a color I call Christmas-tree-trunk-brown. I don't own anything red. Being in the midst of the OSU Buckeyes outfitted in scarlet and gray, I could probably be arrested for not wearing red. I wear gray on game days.

Okay, that is beside the point. Before I go any further let me explain that today's post has nothing to do with my time on the boys turf, but MY time on MY turf. I truly believe it contributes to better mothering and equips me to spend time on the their turf.

So, being the girly-girl that I am, having my hair semi-fixed, my face make-uped, and my body clothed (and not pajama-ed) was truly exhilerating. After feasting on secret-recipe chocolate chip cookies and chicken salad croissants, it dawned on me that my lips were dry and most certainly not sparkling as they were when I arrived. Not that anyone else would care. This is THE group of women that I love so much because no one does care about that external stuff. Come as you are. I reached for my purse and discreetly snatched my lip gloss. I unmirroredly re-applied my sparkling neutral tone and smacked my lips with satisfaction. As I returned the gloss to its rightful pocket, terror filled my mind. What I applied to my lips was a lip gloss that was returned to me by a a Mary Kay customer! It was in the DARK RED category!!!! I didn't apply lightly. I don't wear red clothes. I most certainly don't wear red lips. Hoping that no one was watching, I wiped my lips furiously with a one-ply napkin hoping to remove all of the red stain possible. But, we all know red lip color is like a permanent tattoo. It remains. Forever. I could just imagine what I looked like and now my cheeks started to match.

"Nicole the red-lipped mommy, had some very rosy lips. And if you ever saw them, you would start to do some flips." Please sing now to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

It was then, I decided to take another very light gloss and strategically apply it like paint over primer. I took a deep breath and hoped for the best.

Ironically, several gals shared their most embarrassing moments today. I was living mine out in real time.

I learned a great lesson today. Always, and I mean always, look at your lip color before applying it. And, Red, Green, and Brown are the official colors of Christmas in my home.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Makin' A List and Checkin' it too many times to count!

What an adventurous week of celebrating the beginning of the Christmas Season. The tree was up, lit, and decked-out the day after Thanksgiving. Like the last few years, the ornaments are heavy on the bottom, light on the top and back. Several batches of cookies have been baked, eaten, and given away. Festive songs and dances have filled any silent or still moment that arose.

And then the lists. THE Lists. The LISTS! To-do. To-bake. To-give. To-send. And, like most kids, To-get. You know, THE big WISH LIST!?

Oldest spent his week compiling a wish list for what he wants to give the rest of the family. Since the boys aren't reading my blog, here is a sneak peak.

Christmas Gifts to buy
Middleson --an electric guitar in black or blue
Babyboy -- a remote control dog
Daddy -- a King-sized Resees bar, an autographed hockey stick, & hockey hand-cuffs (although I THINK he is referring to cuff links, not hand cuffs). It appears the Oldest has a favorite if you ask me.
Mommy -- not sure here, but he did ask me what my favorite brand of chocolate was and if I would rather have new tennis shoes or a new floor. (In case Daddy is reading this, I like the NEW FLOOR IDEA.)

We've visited Craigs List and Ebay over and over scouring posts for the above mentioned. He is more than willing to use all of his life's savings - $144.55 -- on Christmas gifts! Oldest's countenance crushed when an inquiry for a brand new electric guitar on Craigs List came back with a "sorry it has been sold" reply. After I reminded him of the "budget cuts" and my refusal to allow a withdrawal from his account, he wrote a letter to God asking for money. His brilliant little mind offered to loan me some money with interest so that he could raise funds.

Last night as I tucked him in bed, he was deeply troubled at the thought that he might not be able to buy his family the gifts on the list. "Oh my goodness, I wish he would just let it rest." I thought with a groan.

I quickly corrected myself when I realized I was getting annoyed over my sons desire to give. I am amazed that I have such a thoughtful giving son. He has spent his week compiling To Give lists instead of the completely normal To Get list. He is more than willing to spend every penny he has in order to give the very best gift.

Sounds so familiar! God gave everything. He gave His only son! He didn't spare or count the cost. Am I comparing Oldest to Jesus? No. But, once again, I find a lesson for me wrapped in the heart of my child. He has captured the meaning of Christmas in a way that I can only attempt to emulate.

Thank you Oldest, for teaching your mommy another life-lesson. I love you. And, you can bet, I am hoping too, that you will have the joy of giving everything on your Christmas List.