Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Monday, October 1, 2012

Double Digits

Oldest is TEN!  Officially in the double-digits for the rest of his life, unless he lives to be 100.  He is a gigantic part of the best decade of my life. It started with marriage followed by boy 1, boy 2, and boy 3...or Oldest, Middleson, and Babyboy.

Of course there is much excitement around the birth of your firstborn.  All the newness and itty bitty clothes, diapers, and shoes. Oldest started our parenting journey and the cycle of hand-me-downs for his two little brothers.  I still can't believe I am at this point -- a TEN YEAR OLD?  Wow.

Dear Oldest,

Let me start by saying you are an incredible son. From day one, you bounced out of the womb with energy and an insatiable appetite.  Your cry was never cute. It was a full roar!  You never needed a lot of sleep and you let us know that from the start.  When all the other newborns were sleeping 18 hours a day, you didn't give into peer pressure.   To this day, you like to stay up late and read.

One thing I have always loved about you is your passion.  Each stage in your life has brought out determined enthusiasm about something/someone. When you were one, you had a fascination with trash cans and trash trucks.  Whereever we went, you went straight for the trash can.  At two, you loved Curious George and I even caught you constructing skis with hockey sticks and taping your shoes to the "skis" to be like Curious George. We have gone through the military phase, the firefighter stage, the hockey stage (your room still reflects this) and the spy phase.  You pour 100% into your phase of the moment in your attire, book selection, Christmas gift list, etc.  You learn as much as you can and you aren't afraid to share your knowledge.

Right now, you are surprising and alarming us with your computer skills and knowledge.  Even the librarians know what section to take you to -- the adult computer manuals.  The head librarian offered you a job a while back when he saw the stack of books you were checking out.  Today you started a blog all on your own.  You have far surpassed me in your knowledge. Having an in-house tech support is fabulous! No more being "on hold" on the phone. 

Oldest, you have such a sensitive heart. You don't like to see others hurting.  You want to make sure your heart is "right" before God. It has been so neat to see your desire to read the Bible and memorize God's word. I see growth in you. You have had the opportunity to stand up for what is "right" and I could not be more proud of you. 

You are a GIVER of good things.  Time and time again, you have sacrificed to give something of great/worth and value to you.  You have made lists of what you want to give others.  You share your favorite things with your favorite people. Daddy told me just this week about you offering your favorite, rare treat to him.  That makes my heart so happy.  You have learned to give. What a gift.

If I could give you advice, it would be the same thing I have been telling myself for a few decades.  Don't be so hard on  yourself. You don't have to be perfect.  It's okay to make a mistake or mess up.  Just keep trying. And, get back up.  Give yourself GRACE just like God gives you grace. 

This past decade has been wonderful.  You enjoy life.  What will the next decade be like? You will enter the tweens and teens.  Will I still blogging on your twentieth? If so, I can guarantee, it will even longer and more things to "brag" about.  I pray you continue to live a life of integrity and uprightness. I can't wait to see how God uses the gifts and talents He has given you.  Continue to be passionate about God and people and life.

Oh, happy double-digits Oldest.  I love you so!