Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cameras Rolling

Lights! Action! Camera!
If my family was chosen for a reality tv show, this is the day I would swing open my doors for the cameras to roll. For all the days (or weeks or months) that aren't picture perfect (refer to last blog entry and notice its date and lack of entries since), this one is going down on the record.

Like a movie script, I, Mommy, was up early, fully prayed-up, jogged-out and ready to go.

The big boys also woke up early in the bestiest of moods eagerly desiring to start the school day.

Babyboy slept in, giving us a headstart on school.

By 10:18 we were wrapping up the last scene in our school day. Yes, 10:18 AM!! How? I am not sure. But, I taught with grace and patience and they learned, listened, and progressed.

A hot bubbly bath beckoned me by 10:30. A magazine in hand that I have longed to read for several months. All three boys playing trucks together peacefully.

A mannerly lunch included the two oldest boys preferring and serving one another. (This really does sound like a movie doesn't it?) And, get this, after lunch I cranked up the Toby Mac for a house-cleaning party. Without complaints we scrubbed the bathrooms, dusted, mopped, vacuumed, and grooved to Toby.

Imagine my surprise when I went to do laundry and realized I didn't have enough for a load. Nope! No reason to do laundry today.

Boy it sure is easy to smile on a day like today. Supermom. Superteacher. Superday. We are all well behaved and on our best behavior. THIS is what I want people to see. Truthfully, this isn't "most days". Candid Camera might be more appropriate....or maybe Barnum and Bailey's Circus.

The growth comes when my patience is challenged, my grace hyper-extended, and I can't do it on my own. Christ can enable me to choose joy when it doesn't flow freely like it is today. THIS is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. He also made each day last week and he made tomorrow whatever it might bring.

For now, get the cameras rolling.....before its too late!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolutions.....going, going, GONE!

Resolution is my middle name. Love goals. Love New Year's Resolutions. As long as I can remember, on December 31, I grab my journal and scribble down my aspirations for the upcoming year. The thought of a blank page to start my year thrills and refreshes me.

Not this year.

Christmas was beautiful and packed with memories. However, my expectations for the week following Christmas included things like --
- Sleep In. (Didn't happen. My body has an early alarm clock.)
- Drink Coffee in bed. (Didn't happen since I was already up. See #1)
- Leisurely enjoy our days. (Broken arm, new tires, need I say more?)
- Enjoy the sites/sounds of the city. (Children's Hospital,Grismer Tire, & Costco don't count.)
- Somehow refresh and renew (not a realistic expectation when Babyboy has a broken arm and needs to potty 10 X per night = lack of sleep)

I complainingly crossed the starting Line of 2012 in rebellion. I didn't make my resolutions and couldn't stand to be around my own attitude. I was in denial that my year wasn't starting the way I wanted. Fresh. It felt old and tainted by 12:01 AM.

Hubby was out of town. Van wouldn't start. Homeschooling started. Appointments. I just wasn't in the mood to pretend I had a perfectly white, clean slate to start my year. I didn't have the opportunity to ease into the year. It started like the jolt of jumper cables. (PROUD of myself for using jumper cables on the van for the first time though.)

By January 2 or 3, I made a few last-minute, little-enthusiasm types of typical resolutions made my 99% of Americans. And, this is not my track record. I am someone who actually attains and sticks with my resolutions!
- Eat only whole foods for a week (Got into an off-brand snack mix filled with artificial colors and flavors by Tuesday night.)
- No sugar for one week (Nutella and animal crackers. Dangerous combo.)
- Mother with gentleness ("Get upstairs in your bed right now!!")
- Homeschool peacefully (This was the most challenging week of schooling ever.)
- Make one new recipe a week (Um. Last night I mixed two kinds of pasta in the macaroni and cheese. Does that count?)
- Continue the process of becoming like Christ (Wow, this is hard.)

I've been fighting 2012 since it began. But I realized today it perfectly fits with my final resolution above, even if it was half-hearted and habitual. God is continually pulling me out of my comfort, routine, goals, and "messing me up" in order to see more of Him. I can ONLY finish this year with Him. My own resolve will never bring victory or peace or true joy.

So, here it is six days into the year and I finally decided to run with it.

2012 wait for me......Here I come....better late than never!