Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Monday, September 27, 2010

55 hours in the Mile-High City of Denver

I have absolutely nothing to report for 30minutesontheboysturf time. But, I know for sure that my husband/substitute teacher/boys' daddy could do a play by play of their weekend together!

I, on the other hand, have MUCH to report from my FIRST true break from my kids in 8 years! I learned something new this weekend. Denver is known as the mile-high city. My sister and I re-united in Denver for some sister (no husbands, no kids, no stress) time. Our hotel was adjacent to the mile-high stadium smack in the middle of downtown Denver.

The strange thing about this high-class hotel and its perfect location, was my pillow. Well, it was the pillow provided for me by the hotel. I like to refer to it as my mile-high pillow. I am exagerrating, but only a little bit. It was SOOOOO high and SOOOO hard. The first night I tried to use a small corner of the pillow. When that still proved too high, I slept on the mattress with no pillow. I was not afraid of falling off the bed, but I was afraid of falling off that frightful pillow. The second night I rolled up a towel and used that. Note to self: Also travel with my own pillow! My neck/shoulders are still reminding me.

Despite my pillow, the trip was fantastic. 55 hours of laughing, being silly, Starbucks, sitting still, attending the Women of Faith conference, eating out, shopping, conversing deeply, and lingering. It was 55 hours void of diaper changes, dishes, laundry, cleaning, and up/down mealtimes. The break from doing what I do for those I love was sooooooo refreshing.

Arriving home, exhausted but refreshed, held its own sweetness along with a hint of disappointment that the trip was over. Oldest and Middleson streamered the house and posted homemade "Welcome Home" signs. Daddy's worn expression said it all, "I am soooo glad you are home" Babyboy had a look of pure delight when the van door opened and I hopped in. It was like something was missing and he finally put his chubby little finger on it. I held daddy's hand with one hand and Babyboy's with the other, all the way home.

Contentedly, I ponder my time way. It was so good -- perfect. And, after a day of getting back into the swing of things, I am refreshed and ready to spend many more minutes on my boys' turf minus the mile-high pillow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

I confess. Football season is a love/hate thing for me.  I simply do not understand why it begins earlier and earlier every year.  Pre-Season.  Season.  Post Season.  College.  NFL.  Super Bowl.  Weeknights. Weekends.  Afternoon.  Evening. 

I dread the hours and hours the tv is on.  However, I have begun to love the football madness.  OSU Buckeye games are the absolute perfect time to shop.  Columbus becomes a ghost town.  I can stroll any store in my scarlet and gray and have my pick....along with the other few non-fans that have discovered the same secret. 

I have also enjoyed watching the bonding between the boys and their daddy's football fondness.  It starts with the all-out attire, leads to the football food (wings, chips, and "junk" food), and continues with hours and hours of screaming, jumping, and high-fiving.

On Sunday night, the boys' daddy and I were reading a parenting book while Babyboy played at our feet and Oldest and Middleson played outside. Suddenly daddy asked, "Why are we inside reading a parenting book instead of playing with the kids?" Good question daddio. It was then that I received the invitation to play football. Yep, at thirty-something I finally slightly understood how the game is played. The 30minutesontheboysturf turned into an hour of football fun. Even the neighbors joined us.

I confess. It was fun. Football is exciting. However,I think turftime will be the extent of my football fascination. Target, dressed in its Scarlet, still calls my name on game day.

So, yes, I am ready for some football.

Friday, September 17, 2010


What does that spell?  WEEKEND!!!  It was a good week and I couldn't be more grateful.  The boys gave 100% in school this week and that makes for a proud teacher and mommy.  This week held several appointments which made for some FULL days.  For some reason, we also grocery shopped four times (YES FOUR) at 4 different stores!! Aahhh. I honestly thought I had enough food for the week when we did a stock-up trip on Monday.  Tuesday was a handful of things that I forgot to get. Wednesday was milk.  And, today was Friday-only sales I couldn't resist. 

This week,I, mommy on the boys turf, got my priorities in order and let the boys dictate the turf time once again instead of inviting them to my side.  We are all better as a result of a few short 30minutesontheboysturf.  

Tonight will be a nokidsonourturf date night at home.  The movie is ready.  Supper is prepped.  My mouth is watering thinking about the homemade hot fudge and peanut butter sauce for our ice cream.  Lord willing, Oldest, Middleson, and Babyboy will hurry off to dreamland and let their daddy and I spend some time together. 

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cuffs, Corn, and Cars!

Today's 30minutesontheboysturf time was filled with "C's".
Oldest wanted to construct (hand)cuffs.  I cannot fathom why handcuffs would be worthy of any time or mental energy, but I am not a boy who dreams of being a spy, catching bad guys, and being a hero.  That desire has never crossed my mind before today when Oldest invited me on his turf to make them. We put our heads together and crafted a set of cuffs no one would want to be caught in. I did take pictures, but opted not to post them. I hope it is the only time I see my son in handcuffs!

Babyboy cheerfully nibbled on (pop)corn while we handcuffed away.  Most of the time he had one hand in the bowl and the other hand was fast at work cramming popcorn into his mouth. 

To no ones surprise, Middleson got out the bin of cars for yet another round of car zooming, racing, and trading.  Thankfully I was not handcuffed and could easily join in.  Unfortunately, our ever-so-clever handcuffs weren't as sturdy as we thought.  Oldest was easily able to join in the fun too!

It feels just right to be back on the boys turf for a little TLC and CCC!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle again.....

Oh my.  Since I posted a week ago, I have been much less diligent about spending 30minutesontheboysturf.

We have made some good memories and enjoyed our days together. But, for some reason, I went on vacation from the BOYS turf and had them come to my MOMMY turf.  Now I really don't think there is anything wrong with that. But, I clearly saw the benefit in heading to their side and doing what they wanted.
They have missed it too and even mentioned it. I made excuses like, "Oh, remember I took you to the park?"  "We rode bikes this morning!"  Yet, I knew what they were really wanting.  Me.  Just me without my constant distractions.

This afternoon we all headed to the basement.  Middleson got that spark in his eye and asked, "Mommy, what do you want to do together?"  My idea was to do some cleaning and sorting while they played.  His idea was better and much more important. 

So, I am back in the saddle again.  That's a song isn't it?  I am singing it now with a renewed sense of energy.  A "new" convert to this experiment e-mailed me today.  Her excitement to join her kids in play prompted me to "practice what I preach" and keep going. 

Please don't let me go another week without blogging.  Unfortunately, no blog = nothing to blog about = no 30minutesontheboysturf and way to much time on my turf!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The day AFTER the end.

The experiment, 30mintuesontheboysturf, officially ended last Wednesday.   Since our time together had already become like breathing or toothbrushing, I didn't make an official announcement the next day.  "Attention, Oldest, Middleson, and Babyboy, we will now spend 30 minutes on your turf.  Calling all boys!"  Instead, I let the day roll as it came -- as much as you can roll when you are schooling at home and getting ready for a Meemaw vist -- and DID indeed spend good QT together.  At the end of the day Middleson huffed, "We didn't spend time on the boys turf today.  Mom, remember the 30 minutes?"  So, instead of calling the experiment to a halt, I guess we will continue to have Official Turf Time in our home....just not so experimenty and bloggy. 

This long weekend was fabulous with plenty of Meemaw time, Daddy time, family time, and tantrum time. Babyboy has entered the not-so-cute, but still so lovable, much-too early, terrific-twos.  He is accelerated and decided to hit this milestone early at the age of one! 

We also welcomed a new member to our family.  Maytag Centennial Orr was delivered to our home yesterday.  After 4 months of a GE clothes washer on its last leg, I am finally doing laundry full force and maintenance free. I will not tell you how I have been washing my clothes since April 28.  Call me Pioneer Woman....or something close to that.  Anyway, Maytag's presence will allow for much more time on the boys turf and one happy mommy with clean clothes.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It might seem odd that I titled todays post "Cinderella", yet my entire blog is geared around 3 anti-princess  boys.  My very first post and my inspiration for this blog came from a radio talk show.  Ironically, today marks day 30, the end of my committment, and a radio talk show prompted this post as well!    This blog came full circle! 

A 2-day interview with Steven Curtis Chapman has aired on the radio the last couple of days.  Steven and his wife talk about the tragic death of their daugther, Maria, and how they have grieved since it happened.  He also reiterated his purpose in writing the song, "Cinderella". The synopsis being that he realized the time with his little girls was short and he wanted to cherish the time he had.  He had no idea when he wrote the song, that his little girl would die just a few months later.   The song is sweet and touching no matter what. But, when I listened to it with "new ears" with the perspective that his little girl is in Heaven.....oh my goodness! I cried and cried. 

The following link is to the song I am referring to as well as an interview on the meaning behind it.  NOTE:  There may be a 10 second "commercial" before the video begins.  I am not endorsing anything that may be advertised. 
I started this blog with the same realization.  Time flies. Oldest, Middleson, and Babyboy will be full grown and ready to move out in just a blink of an eye!  Distractions are all around me. There are many things for me to do each day.  Yet, I wanted to have a tool to get to know them, invest in them, and let them know they are a top priority for me.  30minutesontheboysturf has been that tool.

Greater than spending time with my children now, is the investment I am making for eternity.  I am teaching my children about a greater place, their eternal home in Heaven when they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.  More than not spending "fun" time with them, I don't want to miss out on the opportunities that I have to instill the importance of a real relationship with Jesus.  My desire is to model forgiveness, grace, and love by the way I live my life. 

Today we spent our 30minutesontheboysturf loving on eachother. I let "Cinderella" blare through the house while I slow-danced with Babyboy. Oldest and Middleson were the wallflowers that wondered what happened to their mommy!  They rolled their eyes at the "Cinderella" lyrics....and I danced anyway.

Although today marks the END of this successful experiment, I can't help but keep blogging.  No way will it be everyday, but each time I do, it will reinforce the amazing and no-longer-foreign 30minutesontheboysturf.