Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Missmas Outpits

The 2011 Christmas Season has begun!

Babyboy is in a 2 1/2 year, independent, "I can do it myself" stage. Yesterday he came down for breakfast clothed in his "Missmas Outpit". A handsome vest backwards, no shirt, and tweed dress pants also backward facing. "Honey, that is your special Christmas outfit. It isn't for today." I declared. "No. I wear Missmas outpit today." He responded convincingly. This was only the beginning of the dozen outfit changes yesterday. From snowman pajamas to bright red sweaters, he had clearly found the stack of clothes I had reserved as festive wear.

While Babyboy napped, Oldest and Middleson were my right-hand men in towing the Christmas bins upstairs. This year I didn't step foot in the crawlspace. My anxious helpers were happy with the adventure. Although I clearly appreciated the help, it was also a reminder of how quickly they are growing up.

Babyboy awakened to a winter wonderland. Stuffed snowman, ready-to-be-filled stockings, the Little People Nativity set, and flickering lights. What more could a two year old ask for?

He went to work transferring things from here to there and everywhere. He perched his Little People policeman atop the Little People Manger where the angel is supposed to perch. Although maybe he saw them both in a "security guard" type of role.

The snowmen with carrot noses posed a problem since he deemed them broken. He wouldn't let them near the rest of the stuffed moose, snowman, or santas.

Then he discovered the Christmas plates. They are used ONLY, only on Christmas morn for cinnamon rolls. He wanted his afternoon animal crackers served on a particular beloved plate. He won. "Why not?" I reasoned with myself.

Then another Missmas outpit.

Suddenly the stuffed creatures (minus the snowmen with "broken" carrot noses) were missing. So were the fragile, look but don't touch, musical snowman. Missing.

Found. Upstairs in Babyboy's room, they were tucked safely into his bed covered by the Christmas Tree skirt as a blanket. The bag of Christmas clothes was spread across his floor. Again. Again. AGAIN!

Up and down, and down and up,I ran around the house putting the newly displayed Christmas decorations back in their spots. This is the perfect solution for Thanksgiving weight gain.

A simplified decorating scheme was looking more and more appealing. "What can I put back in the Christmas bins?" I asked myself.

But the JOY of Christmas bouncing around in Babyboy's discoveries was worth the mayhem of the afternoon.

Afterall, that's really what Christmas is all about. Jesus coming to earth, in the midst of chaos and mayhem, to bring true JOY.

Babyboy, bring out the Missmas outpits and Christmas dishes. Why save them just for a day, when the season has only just begun?

Merry Missmas in the midst of discovering the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Wow. Just when I feel like I've got this mommy thing licked, something new arises. Seasons come and seasons go.

I have a pottytrainer and a preteener at the same time. Big Legos, Small Legos, and one no longer so interested in Legos. Really? The Christmas lists are changing from no list, to a list full of toys, to a list of technological trinkets and music.

The books I am reading right now include, "Raising Sons and Loving It" and "Wild Things the Art of Nurturing Boys". Wild Things is the perfect description of a house full of boys.

I am back at college, so to speak, studying for finals, making up for lost time. Nervous. Fingerbiting. Sweating. I'm pulling an all-nighter in Mommy class hoping I do something right. Trying do be prepared for what's ahead so it doesn't catch me off guard.

The last decade has been sabatoged by baby gear, diapers,sleepless nights, and goo goo gaa's. The next decade of parenting scares me - cell phones, independence, driving, and dating. More sleepless nights. Maybe worse than the baby years!

What can I do now to steer my three treasures toward making right decisions? How can I help them foster their own personal relationship with Jesus? Hopefully our meals together, long coversations, family devotions, and turftime will provide for growth and memories that will impact our future positively.

Thanksgiving is just days away. This is a great time to ponder the questions, changes, and seasons above. It is about living a life of Thanksliving all the time. Living in the moment. Thankful for each stage. Laughing at the days to come. In EVERYTHING give thanks!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Tricks, All Treats

Babyboy. Babyboy. Babyboy.

Last Saturday Daddy dutifully took the crib down. I couldn't believe how defeated I felt removing the crib skirt and dis-assembling the crib. Three times it has been set up....and now this is it! This crib season is over! Babyboy was not so sure about sleeping in a big boy bed. Thank goodness we had a pack-n-play.

Today Babyboy brought his little potty chair from the bathroom to the family room. We have been talking "potty talk" for weeks and treating him for sitting on the chair. Today he removed his pants, diaper, and leaned over the potty like he has seen his brothers do. The next thing you know, he is screaming, "I peed! Look at my pee pee!" Sure enough. There were a few drops of some sort of liquid on the bottom. Pull out the big guns. MnM's.

This victory was followed by several more. I think it helps that we have a whole crew doing the potty dance, cheering, and clapping. Shortly afternoon I heard, "I pooped. Look at my poop!" Victory #2 for #2! More treats.

Unfortunately, with all this "growing up" today he decided he didn't need a nap. Nap-less, diaper-less, and crabby-full.

So, today was truly a day of treats and more treats! Thanks Babyboy!