Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Mommyontheboysturf with her three sons

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Oldest requested a game of Checka's (Checkers) for 30minutesontheboysturf time. In his 8 years he has played more than I have in my lifetime. In fact, I am just learning the game. Today was really my first official game of checkers.

One of my favorite things about Oldest is his sensitive sweet heart. I have story after story that I could share of ants, robin's eggs, and stray kittens. Sometimes I wish I could bottle that sweetness when it would most come in handy -- with his little brothers!

Today, in our Checker's match, we were down to 1 king (me) against 4 kings (oldest). He had tears in his eyes as he jumped my king and won the game. This was after several turns of stalling the finish. He didn't want to see his mommy lose the game.

That makes him a real WINNER in what matters most.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Mom Guilt International
Today was our first day of no-schedule, nothing-to-do Summer Break. Oldest, Middleson, and Babyboy all slept until 8:30. Over the weekend I began filling in the blank page of today with projects I have been wanting to complete.

-Go through my coupons
-Thoroughly clean the boys' rooms
-Swap out outgrown clothes for ones that fit
-Make sure every sock in the house has a mate (I've been hearing a lot of, "I can't find the sock that goes to this one."

The weather was perfectly rainy -- the best kind of day for those types of projects. I also announced loud and strong that we would be spending time on the boys turf today.

As the day projected onward like a rocket launch, I was left feeling unaccomplished. I honestly did not want to lose momentum and do 30minutesontheboysturf. Oldest and Middleson were actually quite content to continue building castle kingdoms in the basement. I also knew I would be disappointed if I didn't follow through. So....I asked (hoping they would delay, "When do you want to do turftime?" "NOW!" they both replied. I took that as a cue that my boys really like spending time with me and like my focused attention on their turf.

Oldest wanted to explore Together, we became a fan on Facebook and posted on his wall -- something I would never do. Middleson wanted to check out After looking at America's Most Wanted, he was sure he recognized one of the men. I see dollar signs as I type! REWARD!

I, on the other hand, was glad I kept my commitment even though I felt guilty about not looking forward to my 30minutesontheboysturf.

As many have reminded me, the laundry will wait....and who needs matched socks in the summer anyway? That is what Crocs are for!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

School's OUT, Turf Time is IN!

Oddly enough, Middleson woke up with his desire for "turf time" fresh in his mind. I asked him if he had read my "to do" list for today. He hadn't.

I have not been overly zealous with an organized 30minutesontheboysturf for a few months for several reasons/excuses. First, we were finishing school and homeschooling means an excess of togetherness. Secondly, we have done a lot of fun family activities like bike riding, working in the yard, and visiting a local kids museum. Lastly, each afternoon I have been reading books to the boys. (Turf time, but not time on the boys turf....more like time on my turf since I call the shots.)

Still, I knew I needed to re-commit to my original plan. 30minutesontheboysturf, Day 1. I commit myself completely un-distracted, phone-less, computer-less, paper-less for 30 minutes where the boys call the shots and I follow their lead. I engage mentally, 100%.

Summer is the perfect time to do it when the schedule goes out the window and there is more free time. Maybe 30 minutes seems like a long time, but 15 minutes is doable. Maybe 30 minutes 3 days a week if 5 seems like too many. Many non-homeschooling friends found it difficult to find time in the school week. Now is the time! The investment is so worth it.

Today I was back in the cold dark basement on the first day this week it hasn't rained. Middleson had great Lego machines in mind for us to build. He built the mail truck and I attempted a mailbox. Unfortunately, my mailbox was not up to the inspector's guidelines and it was dis-assembled and the Legos are back in the bin, up for grabs.

Here goes, Turf Time, Part II.